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Washing & Care

Some tips to keep your nappies in tip top shape

  • Wash them in cold water and depending on where you live and how hard your water is you will need to use between 1/4 to 1 full scoop of washing powder and wash in cold to warm water.
  • Don’t use bleaches or other chemicals on your nappies as this will break down the soft fibres of the bamboo over time and can also be really damaging to PUL.
  • If you line dry be aware that the sun is a great bleaching agent but is also really harsh on elastic so if possible try not to have your nappies sitting out in the hot sun for too long (particularly an issue in the hotter parts of the country).
  • If you dry in the dryer, do so on a low setting. Extensive dryer use will make the nappies a little thinner over time in the same way it does your clothing so use your best judgement.
  • Most importantly make sure that your wash cycle is washing with enough water to clean the nappies. If your child has particularly acidic urine you may need to change your washing practices further, if this is a problem for you please send us an email we are here to help.

Remember that cloth nappies are reusable but aren’t indestructible, treating them with a little TLC will go a long way! Also be sure to check individual brands washing guidelines.