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Bamboo Infant Prefolds



Bamboo pre-fold nappies from Ecobots. Looking for a bamboo cloth nappy that’s easy to care for? Easy to use and reliable? Then consider our these nappies.

Infant Bamboo pre-fold nappies

Love pre-fold cloth nappies but looking for something a little softer and more absorbent? Then look no further than our ecobots infant pre-fold nappies.  Super soft which is great against your precious little one’s skin, bamboo is also more absorbent than cotton. These nappies are a combination of bamboo (55%) and organic cotton. We do not stock pure bamboo, as the fabric is not hard-wearing enough. By using this combination of fibres, we have all the advantages of both.

Infant size

Infant bamboo pre-fold nappies are perfect for use on newborn and small babies or for boosting.  Use with newborn and small covers either by pad folding and placing in the nappy cover, or by fastening the nappy around your baby with a snappi nappy fastener. (You will still need a waterproof nappy cover, but the snappi will help keep everything contained.)


Our infant bamboo pre-fold nappies also make great inserts in other cloth nappies such as pocket nappies. They unfold flat for easy and quick-drying and can be folded into three to fit inside your pocket nappies or other cloth nappies as spare inserts or boosters. Brand new they measure 30 x 40 cm but will shrink and fluff up slightly when washed.