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NappyNeedz Night Cloth Pad

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Night-time washable cloth menstrual pad. Big and absorbent. Great for after giving birth.

This night-time washable cloth pad is breathable and topped with soft microfleece fabric. This means that they are comfortable to wear overnight.  The microfleece not only feels good against your skin but also acts as a stay-dry layer. Moisture passes through the pad into the absorbent centre but does not feel wet against your skin.

The night time washable sanitary pad is backed with PUL fabric. This fabric stops liquid from passing through onto your underwear. The PUL comes in a choice of red, dark pink, light pink or yellow, please let us know if you have a preference when you order. The pad has two snap settings, which hold it securely in place in your knickers. We recommend wearing close-fitting underwear for a better fit.

These pads are approximately 34 cm long by 15 cm at the widest point at the back of the pad and 10 cm at the front. (Not including wings.)

Colour will be at random